Hem's Shri Sanjeevini Pushti Churna -200g



A very special product of Hem's is SHRE SANJEEVINI PUSHTI CHURNA. It is a good Health Supplements and is very useful for Caugh , Cold , Asthma , Allergies, Immunity development and for Post Partum Care

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Shri Sanjeevini Pushti Churna is a very special produt of Hem's and it is made up with natural sources of herbs and spices in a Traditional way. It is a Good Health Supplement , it helps build immunity and stamina in the body.  New mothers and nursing mothers can add them as regular supplement for their post partum care. This Churna is very helpful for Caugh, Cold, Asthma, Dust allergies etc. without any side effect . This is the general Health Supplement for all age groups

  • Specially made for nursing mother.
  • Can be used for all age group, to develop immunity & body stamina;
  • A Traditional Herbal Home remedy for Postpartum Period;
  • It is a Combination of Herbs & spices like Ashwagandha,Nannari, Jestamadhu,Tailed Pepper,Pepper,Ginger,Nutmeg,Mace,with Organic jaggery Etc.
  • 100% Natural & Tastey.

Calories354.62 K Cal
Carbohydrates93.33 g
Protein2.6 g
Crude Fiber13.0g

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