Desi Cow Urine powder Capsules

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"SURABHI SAARA"-Desi Cow Urine Powder Capsules

The indigenous cow breed which is known as moving pharmacy has been elixir repository in it’s body. Urine of indigenous cow has high medicinal value and is considered as a super medicine, it can cure any disease without side effects. Desi cow urine has take a major position in ayurvedic treatment from thousands of years. Our health supplement SURABHI SAARA – Desi Cow Urine Powder Capsule is a transformation of such a divine indigenous cow urine.

SURABHI SAARA is not only a Health Supplement, it also acts as a doctor when it enter to the body of a person it starts to search the root cause of the disease and then start to act on it. Due to this reason within few days person will become healthy without any side effect. When a healthy person intakes this capsule he will become strong by inside. It helps to boost the immune system and also strengthen the body.

"SURABHI SAARA" Capsules helps to cure Diabeties,BP, Acidity,Constipation, Arthritis problems,Migrane,Thyroid, Varicose veins, Skin problems, Muscle problems .It helps to Improves the immunity system and to increase the body stamina.It also helps to cure the fatal diseases like cancer, Psoriasis etc.

Dosage: One Capsule in the early morning in empty stomach with 2-3 cup of water at least one hour before breakfast.One capsule in the evening with 2-3 cup of water at least one hour before dinner.

Many people are already taking advantage of this product. Our aim is to deliver this product to each and every home and every single person. Our responsibility is to protect indigenous cow breed with the building of healthy society. Your cooperation is vital to this grate task. Knowing speciality of Indian bovine, many countries have developed and benefited from these breeds and have acquired several patents of cow urine products.

Still we have a time, let us make pledge to protect our indigenous cow

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    I am using this capsule for diabetes ,



      Helpful in digestion related problems

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        SURABHI SAARA-60 Capsules

        SURABHI SAARA-60 Capsules

        Desi Cow Urine powder Capsules