Hem's Peanut Bar Ginger Flavour, (Box of 10 Pcs)



Natural Chikki Ginger is a fine combination of High quality Ground Nut, Jaggery,  & Natural Ginger Powder; A Chemical Free Candy.

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  • 100% Natural & Safe
  • No Added Artificial Colour,Flavour,Tatse Enhancer,Preservative & MSG.
  • Combination of Peanut & Ginger with Jaggery.
  • A Chemical Free Product.


  • Ground Nut
  • Jaggery
  • Natural Ginger Powder
Calories490 K Cal
Carbohydrates54.7 g
Protein16.8 g
Crude Fiber1.5 g
Sugar37.0 g

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Hem's Cashew Bar, (Box of 10Pcs)

Hem's Cashew Bar, (Box of 10Pcs)

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